The Film Is Finished: NYC Premiere

I’m pleased to announce the completion of the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project.
This recently finished film is 107 minutes long and is entitled:

Love, Work and Knowledge – The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich

The title is derived from Reich’s guiding precept which appeared in print in his American
research journals and books, starting in 1942:

“Love, work and knowledge are the wellsprings of our life. They should also govern it.”

Two months from today—on the evening of January 13, 2018—a premiere screening of this film will take place at a 266-seat theater in New York City which we’ve rented for the occasion. In the next week or so, I’ll contact all crowdfunder backers who are eligible for the “perk” of two tickets to this event to find out who among them will be attending. Once I have a count of how many of these backers are coming and how many seats are still available, I’ll contact additional crowdfunding backers to see who else might want to attend.

We’re also exploring other screening possibilities early next year at universities and “art house” movie theaters in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts, as well as broadcast opportunities in the United States and Europe. And we’ve already compiled a list of prestigious film festivals in which the film will be submitted.
Thank you again for supporting this project over the past three years and making possible its production, post-production and completion. We’re excited by the film’s many future opportunities to present a compelling, factually accurate narrative of Reich’s life and work to newer and more mainstream audiences.

Please feel free to contact me at:

Warm regards,
Kevin Hinchey – Writer/Director

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What better headline and what better result could there be for all of us who want to see this film finished and put out into the world?  Thank you for everything you’ve done to bring us to this point:  your financial support, your encouraging words and your confidence.

And thank you for your understanding in enduring a third crowdfunder, which was never part of our original plan and in which we couldn’t offer you any perks as we’d done in earlier campaigns.  And you still showed up and contributed!   That’s a level of commitment for which all of you should be proud.

You’ve done your part, and we ask nothing further of you as we now do our part:  resuming our work to finish the film.

You may have noticed that although the campaign ended with $72,125, more money continued to come in.  That’s because Indiegogo has a new feature called “In Demand” which allows contributions to be made even after a campaign is over.

This feature was added because many people hear about crowdfunders after they’ve ended, but can’t donate to them since credit card transactions have also ended.

So please tell anyone who might be interested in this film that they can still donate!

Finally, to appreciate the global reach of this campaign, take a look at the list of countries below.

Thank you again for all of your help.

Kevin Hinchey, Writer/Director (contact me at:


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View a sample of the nearly-completed film:



We’re so close to completing what will be the first factually accurate film ever produced about pioneering psychiatrist, research physician and scientist Wilhelm Reich, M.D., whose published books and research journals were banned and burned by the United States government in 1956 and 1960.

To complete this film and put it out into the world to help correct the widespread distortions about Reich, we’re asking for your support.

Our 2014 Kickstarter campaign raised $187,000 for “Phase 1:  Production” which enabled us to move forward with on-camera interviews and location filming in Europe and America:…

And last year’s crowdfunder to raise $180,000 for “Phase 2:  Editing & Post-Production” brought in $115,780, which was about $65,000 short of what was always a realistic and well-calculated budget figure for putting this film together in the editing room:…

Since then, we’ve edited a 90-minute “rough cut” of what will be a 110-minute film.  Which means we’ve assembled over 80% of the film storyline, but with much more work and expenses still ahead of us.

To meet these expenses, we also spent considerable time over the past nine months evaluating over 100 grant applications for what are called “finishing funds”.  Then we selected and filled out what we felt were the most promising applications, i.e., those specifically seeking documentaries that are historical, rather than contemporary.

To date, however, all of our grant applications for finishing funds have been turned down, which necessitates this one last crowdfunder to secure the monies for completing this film.

$72,000 is our goal for this final crowdfunder, a far more modest sum than our previous campaigns.  $72,000—minus Indiegogo’s standard 5% fee plus all credit card fees—will provide us with over $66,000 for our remaining post-production expenses.

And to ensure that every new dollar is spent directly on the film, we are not offering any rewards, perks or incentives as we’ve done in our previous crowdfunders.  That would only add to the already burdensome costs and labor required to finish this film.

Moreover, we hope that the greatest incentive for any donor is the personal satisfaction of helping us bring this film to completion, a film that will present an authentic and factual narrative of Reich’s life and work to newer and broader audiences.



While we have free and unlimited access to all photographs in Reich’s archives   at Harvard’s Countway Library of Medicine, the rights and clearances to dozens of photographs from other archives and collections cost hundreds of dollars apiece.

Some examples for this film:  (a) Photographs of the 1934 Congress of the International Psychoanalytic Association in Lucerne where Reich was formally expelled from the Association.  (b) Photographs of individual psychoanalysts, scientists, journalists, left wing officials, FDA officials, lawyers, etc.


These resources will cost thousands of dollars, depending on how many seconds or minutes are used in the final film.

Some examples for this film:  (a) Newsreels of the 1927 fire and riot at the Palace of Justice in Vienna, the event that politically radicalized Reich.  (b) Footage from a private collection at the Library of Congress showing Reich and other psychoanalysts on the streets of Vienna in the 1920s.  (c) World War I and World War II footage.


Costs for these resources vary, according to individual archives or collections.  Some examples for this film are visuals from numerous European and American publications, spanning six decades.


Rental time for the editing room costs well over $100 per hour.  Hundreds of hours have been spent in the editing room thus far, with many more hours still ahead of us.

These hours will be spent:  (a) Finishing the rest of the film storyline.  (b) Fine-tuning the edit of the complete 110-minute film.  (c) Adding camera movement and other effects to hundreds of photographs and other visuals, i.e., excerpts from Reich’s laboratory notebooks, diaries, correspondence, documents, plus newspaper and magazine articles.


Hiring a graphic artist to design titles and graphic treatments for the entire film.


Producing an original music score and adding audio effects for the full-length film.


Revising and finalizing the film’s scripted narration.  Auditioning and hiring a voice-over narrator, plus other contributing voices.  Conducting an audio recording session at a sound studio to record the narration for the complete film.

    ​Final review and fine-tuning of all edits, audio-mixing and color correction.

We are grateful and indebted to all of you who have supported this project in our previous crowdfunders.  It’s because of you that we have come this far, and we hope that you’ll help us finish what you helped us to start.

And to those of you coming to this project for the first time, we hope there’s something about Wilhelm Reich’s life and work that resonates for you and will inspire you to help us finish this much-needed film.


Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897-1957) created a unique and valuable legacy of social, medical and scientific achievements in psychoanalysis and psychiatry; sexual health; the psychology of fascism; cellular research; the origin and experimental treatment of diseases such as cancer; infant and childhood health; and weather experimentation.

But, tragically, Reich’s published books and research journals were banned and burned by the United States government in 1956 and again in 1960. 

How could such a thing have happened in America, the country to which Reich had emigrated from Europe just four days before the outbreak of World War Two?  What was in those publications that allegedly “merited” their destruction by the U.S. government?

And the prevalent distortions and misrepresentations about Reich and his work—which originated during his lifetime—persist to this day in poorly researched books, articles, films and throughout the Internet, including Wikipedia.

This painstakingly researched documentary film will help to correct and dispel these distorted narratives.

Your contribution will help ensure that Reich’s remarkable life, and his pioneering insights into human health and the health of the planet, will be presented factually and compellingly to widespread audiences.

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Funds Needed to Complete the Project

Those interested in the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project of Kevin Hinchey please recall: last year’s phase 2 of crowdfunding fell $65,000 short of what’s needed to complete the film. Applications for film grants to make up the shortfall have not succeeded to date. The funds in hand will run out in a few months. If you are willing to contribute to help collect the final $65,000 to finish the film THIS YEAR!, please contact Kevin Hinchey ( Many thanks!

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Seeking Additional Funding


As we embark on a new year, we’d like to bring you up to date on the progress of the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project since the conclusion in June 2016 of our crowdfunder for Editing & Post-Production.

And thank you again for supporting this project during one or both of our crowdfunders and for the inquiries and good wishes many of you have sent us over the past months.

During the edit phase, our Film Storyline—a nearly 200-page text written from 2010 to 2014—has been our guide for assembling the film’s narrative structure, with attention to precise chronology, factual accuracy and compelling drama.

The narrative structure uses a dynamic approach:  Verbally the film story is being told with a mix of scripted narration, comments from 24 on-camera interviews, and excerpts from Reich’s voice recordings.  Visual elements supporting this narrative include Reich’s photographs, his personal and scientific films, and excerpts from his diaries, journals, laboratory notebooks, correspondence, legal documents and unpublished manuscripts.

We’re also using visuals from other resources, including all U.S. government files on Reich:  State Department, FBI, INS and FDA.

Since the Indiegogo campaign ended in June, editing has proceeded on a weekly basis.  We’ve completed well over 1 hour of what will be a 110-minute film, which means we’re over 60% of the way through the story.

Since June we’ve also been mindful of our obligation to raise additional monies for this project.  As you may recall, our Indiegogo campaign raised $115,780.  Successful as it was, this fell short of our goal of $180,000.  To close that gap we immediately began looking at grant applications for “finishing funds” from various organizations.

In August, in addition to editing the film, we spent considerable time filling out an application to the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Fund Program. 

The application was long and detailed.  But projects chosen by Sundance can receive up to $50,000, so we always considered this an effort well worth making.

However, we had no illusions about what we felt were our two major obstacles to being selected:

1.  The competition is fierce.  Every year Sundance receives dozens, if not hundreds of grant applications from films-in-progress, of which it chooses only a few.

2.  Most documentaries that Sundance has funded are contemporary stories.  The Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project, by contrast, is a deeply historical biography.

On September 8th we submitted the Sundance application.  And on November 28th, Sundance notified us that we had not been chosen:  “…after careful review and deliberation, we regret to inform you that the film was not selected for funding…”

Disappointing, yes.  But not entirely surprising.

Meanwhile we were also evaluating over 100 other applications for finishing funds, a process which raises a key question for any grant applicant:  “Does the film’s subject matter match the grant providers’ preferences for the types of films they’re looking to support?”

All applications provide guidance about the types of films that grant providers are looking for.  And the main criterion for many funders is a film story dealing with contemporary issues.  So, as you can imagine, a project about Wilhelm Reich is a “tough sell”.

Undaunted, we winnowed down that long list to a handful of grant applications that were interested in biographies and historical subjects.  We’re hopeful that our efforts will be rewarded and we continue to edit the film.   But without making up the shortfall (c. $60,000) it’s unlikely we can finish the film by our goal of September 2017.

Specifically these additional funds are needed to:

(1) Purchase the rights and clearances to historic photographs and film footage.

(2) Hire and record a narrator and other contributing voices.

(3) Produce a music score and sound design.

(4) Create graphic treatments and titles.

(5) Complete the final editing, color correction and audio mixing of this full-length documentary.

We welcome any ideas regarding other possible sources of funding that you might know about: perhaps an organization, foundation, educational entity, distributor or other funding opportunity anywhere that we’re unaware of.  (You can contact me at:

And we know you’ve already been very generous with your support, but we hope you might consider making another contribution.

We’re making every effort, personally and financially, to see this film through to completion.  And creatively and intellectually, we’re making every effort to get this story right.  We know you’ll be pleased with the finished film and we look forward to premiering it in September 2017.

Thank you for all of your interest and support.

Kevin Hinchey  (

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Contact / Donate

If you missed out on the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns and would like to help support the film, please contact the film’s director, Kevin Hinchey, directly via email:  Many thanks!

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Fulfillment Update

With the transfer of Indiegogo monies (from supporters like you) to the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project bank account, and the start of the Editing & Post-Production process last week, we are now ready to embark on the crowdfunder’s “Fulfillment” phase:  i.e., sending out the appropriate Perks/Rewards to the project’s supporters.

This “Fulfillment” phase will start this week with e-mailed attachments of the (1) library talk, (2) Wilhelm Reich monograph, (3) FBI’s file on Reich.

And a few weeks after that, we’ll send out the digital audio downloads and the digital video downloads.

We appreciate your patience and we’ll keep you updated as this “Fulfillment” phase proceeds.  Thank you.

Kevin Hinchey, Writer/Director

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