Moving Forward

The second (and last) crowdfunder for the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project came to an end on Saturday night (June 18th).  Thank you again for supporting “Phase 2:  Editing & Post-Production” so that this film can be finished.

And we’ve wasted no time in moving forward.

Our first order of business was a production meeting on Monday morning (June 20th) in which we prioritized key action steps for the labor-intensive editing and post-production process.  And on Tuesday, July 5th, the editing of this film will begin.

We’ll also be applying to numerous film funding organizations (such as the Sundance Institute) for additional resources to compensate for our current budget shortfall.

And today (Tuesday, June 21st) was devoted to our second order of business:  organizing our post-crowdfunder obligations such as the transfer of contributions from the Indiegogo platform to the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project, LLC bank account, which will be completed next week;  and arranging for the delivery (“fulfillment” in crowdfunding parlance) of all relevant Indiegogo perks or rewards, which will begin in the next couple of weeks.

We hope that you’re feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment for being part of this worthwhile effort which, in two international crowdfunders in 1½ years—Kickstarter in the fall of 2014, and Indiegogo in the spring of 2016—raised $300,000 from hundreds of people in over 30 countries for the production and completion of this film.

Within the next month, we’ll send you the link to a website for the film project which you can access for updates on its Editing & Post-Production.

Thank you again for your interest, your confidence and your support.

Kevin Hinchey, Writer/Director


About Kevin Hinchey

Since 2002, Kevin Hinchey has been a co-director of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in Rangeley, Maine (created by Reich himself in his Last Will & Testament) which helps to administer Reich’s archives at the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University; works with New York publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux to publish Reich’s books; and operates the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine. Mr. Hinchey has an M.F.A. in Film & Television from the New York University Graduate Film School, worked as a screenwriter in Los Angeles and New York, is a member of the Writers Guild of America (West) in Los Angeles, and over the past ten years has been a film professor in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Mr. Hinchey was also part of an academic group that created the syllabus for a one-semester college course on Wilhelm Reich that provided the basis for an upper-level college elective that is now being taught in the United States.
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  1. elwoodzulu says:

    well done !!!!!



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