What better headline and what better result could there be for all of us who want to see this film finished and put out into the world?  Thank you for everything you’ve done to bring us to this point:  your financial support, your encouraging words and your confidence.

And thank you for your understanding in enduring a third crowdfunder, which was never part of our original plan and in which we couldn’t offer you any perks as we’d done in earlier campaigns.  And you still showed up and contributed!   That’s a level of commitment for which all of you should be proud.

You’ve done your part, and we ask nothing further of you as we now do our part:  resuming our work to finish the film.

You may have noticed that although the campaign ended with $72,125, more money continued to come in.  That’s because Indiegogo has a new feature called “In Demand” which allows contributions to be made even after a campaign is over.

This feature was added because many people hear about crowdfunders after they’ve ended, but can’t donate to them since credit card transactions have also ended.

So please tell anyone who might be interested in this film that they can still donate!

Finally, to appreciate the global reach of this campaign, take a look at the list of countries below.

Thank you again for all of your help.

Kevin Hinchey, Writer/Director (contact me at:



About Kevin Hinchey

Since 2002, Kevin Hinchey has been a co-director of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust in Rangeley, Maine (created by Reich himself in his Last Will & Testament) which helps to administer Reich’s archives at the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University; works with New York publisher Farrar, Straus & Giroux to publish Reich’s books; and operates the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine. Mr. Hinchey has an M.F.A. in Film & Television from the New York University Graduate Film School, worked as a screenwriter in Los Angeles and New York, is a member of the Writers Guild of America (West) in Los Angeles, and over the past ten years has been a film professor in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Mr. Hinchey was also part of an academic group that created the syllabus for a one-semester college course on Wilhelm Reich that provided the basis for an upper-level college elective that is now being taught in the United States.
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