Moving Forward

The second (and last) crowdfunder for the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project came to an end on Saturday night (June 18th).  Thank you again for supporting “Phase 2:  Editing & Post-Production” so that this film can be finished.

And we’ve wasted no time in moving forward.

Our first order of business was a production meeting on Monday morning (June 20th) in which we prioritized key action steps for the labor-intensive editing and post-production process.  And on Tuesday, July 5th, the editing of this film will begin.

We’ll also be applying to numerous film funding organizations (such as the Sundance Institute) for additional resources to compensate for our current budget shortfall.

And today (Tuesday, June 21st) was devoted to our second order of business:  organizing our post-crowdfunder obligations such as the transfer of contributions from the Indiegogo platform to the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project, LLC bank account, which will be completed next week;  and arranging for the delivery (“fulfillment” in crowdfunding parlance) of all relevant Indiegogo perks or rewards, which will begin in the next couple of weeks.

We hope that you’re feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment for being part of this worthwhile effort which, in two international crowdfunders in 1½ years—Kickstarter in the fall of 2014, and Indiegogo in the spring of 2016—raised $300,000 from hundreds of people in over 30 countries for the production and completion of this film.

Within the next month, we’ll send you the link to a website for the film project which you can access for updates on its Editing & Post-Production.

Thank you again for your interest, your confidence and your support.

Kevin Hinchey, Writer/Director

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Thank You for Your Support!

Our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign has wrapped, and we want to thank everyone who helped out by contributing and spreading the word.  We were able to raise $115,780 USD thanks to your generosity.

Editing of the film will begin in July, and we’re very excited to continue work on the film.

Again, many thanks to all who contributed.  We’ll keep you posted as we move toward completion of the film.

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Last Day of IndieGoGo Fund Drive for the Film Project

IT’S DAY 60:  Today is the last day of this crowdfunder.

 The official deadline is Saturday evening, June 18th, approx. 6:30 p.m.

WE’VE NOW REACHED 63% OF OUR GOAL:  Over $114,000!

NEXT BENCHMARK:   $115,000

Make your pledge!!

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Three Days to Go


Your generosity has raised over $100,000 for the completion of this film, and with 4 days still to go until our Saturday, June 18th deadline.

We’re still busy getting the word out through bulk mailings, personal e-mails, social media postings and telephone calls.  And we hope that in the next few days others will follow your example and will come to the table to push our numbers up.

Ideally we’d love to see at least $113,000 when all is said and done.   $113,000 would mean that two international crowdfunders in 2014 and 2016 will have raised a total of $300,000 for the production and completion of the first factually-accurate film about Wilhelm Reich.

And that is an accomplishment we can all be proud of:  that a worldwide community comprising hundreds of people from dozens of countries rallied with one voice for a single purpose:  the creation, at long last, of an intellectually-honest film about Reich to supplant the decades of damaging falsehoods, distortions and misrepresentations.

All in all, not a bad way for all of us to spend our time and money.…

Thanks again.

Kevin Hinchey, Writer/Director  (contact me at:

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Kevin Hinchey & James Strick on the Gary Null Show

On June 7th, Kevin Hinchey, director of the Wilhelm Reich Documentary, and Dr. James Strick, author of Wilhelm Reich, Biologist, appeared on the Gary Null Show, which is broadcast on the Progressive Radio Network.  Listen to the archived show here.

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Phase Two: Editing and Post-Production


In Production Since January 2015 in the United States and Europe
Now Seeking Finishing Funds for Editing & Post-Production
In the fall of 2014, “Phase One:  Production” of this documentary was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $187,002 from hundreds of supporters in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Since January 2015, this film has been in production in the United States and Europe, amassing over 30 hours of on-camera interviews and location shooting in Austria, Germany, Norway, New York, Maine, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

We’ve also digitized significant amounts of historic materials from Wilhelm Reich’s prolific archives:  photographs, personal and scientific films, and voice recordings.

Now we’re ready for “Phase Two:  Editing & Post-Production” for which this campaign seeks to raise the finishing funds necessary for us to assemble a factually accurate, 100-110 minute documentary about Reich’s life and work.


Assembling this film during the “Editing & Post-Production” phase will be every bit as labor-intensive and expensive as last year’s “Production” period.   Below are the key budget items for the completion of this film.


  • Editing the film:  This is the most time-consuming process of the entire project, meticulously assembling the film storyline from hundreds of photographs, excerpts of on-camera interviews, film clips, voice recordings, historic newsreel footage, animated sequences, and other resources.
  •  Hiring medical illustrators and computer animators:  Designing visual sequences, based on Wilhelm Reich’s original drawings and diagrams, to accurately illustrate the scientific principles of his biological, medical and meteorological research.
  • Revising & finalizing the film script:  An on-going process throughout the editing phase to prepare our final script for the film’s voice-over narration.
  •  Casting a professional actor/actress or voice-over talent:  This person will provide the voice-over narration for the finished film.
  •  Booking an audio studio:  A recording session several hours long will be required to record the narration for the complete 100-110 minute film.
  • Music/Color correction/Audio mix:  Composing and recording the music score for the entire film.   Final color correction for all color visuals in the film.  Final audio mix for the entire film.

And after all of this is completed:

  • Promotional expenses:  Screenings, travel, printed materials, film festival fees & appearances, etc.


Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897-1957) created a unique and valuable legacy of social, medical and scientific achievements in psychoanalysis and psychiatry; sexual health; the psychology of fascism; cellular research; the origin and experimental treatment of diseases such as cancer; infant and childhood health; and weather experimentation.

But, tragically, Reich’s published books and research journals were banned and burned by the United States government in the 1950s, and again in 1960.

How could such a thing have happened in America, the country to which Reich had emigrated just four days before the outbreak of World War Two?  What was in those publications that allegedly “merited” their destruction by the U.S. government?

And the prevalent distortions and misrepresentations about Reich and his work–which originated during his lifetime–persist to this day in poorly researched books, articles and films, and throughout the Internet, including Wikipedia.

This painstakingly researched documentary film will help to correct and dispel these distorted narratives.

Your contribution will help ensure that Reich’s remarkable life, and his pioneering insights into human health and the health of the planet, will be presented factually and compellingly to widespread audiences.

So whether you’re already familiar with Reich or learning about him for the first time, perhaps there’s something about his life and work that resonates for you and will inspire you to help us finish this much-needed film.


  • Begins studying psychoanalysis in Vienna with Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis.  (1919)
  • Revolutionizes psychoanalytic techniques in Vienna and Berlin which he presents in his classic book Character Analysis.  (1920s-30s)
  • Opens clinics in working-class neighborhoods in Vienna and Berlin which provide access to birth control and sex education.  (1920s-30s)
  • Publishes The Mass Psychology of Fascism after fleeing Nazi Germany, a critique of the authoritarian appeal of both Naziism and Communism.   (1933)
  • Develops the first psychosomatic therapeutic techniques.  (1930s-40s)
  • Conducts laboratory research in Europe and the United States on the origin and development of cancer cells.  (1930s-50s)
  • Discovers a biological radiation in specific micro-organisms that can kill bacteria and cancer cells.  (1939)
  • Discovers this same radiation in the atmosphere.  (1940)
  • Conducts experimental treatment of patients with terminal cancer, early cancer and other diseases.  (1941-50s)
  • Fights the investigative abuses of the State Department, the FBI, and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  (1940-57)
  • Struggles against the collusion of the FDA and the American medical profession.  (1947-50s)
  • Warns of the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on the American medical profession.  (1950s)
  • Conducts weather experiments in Maine and Arizona to alleviate drought conditions.  (1953-56)
  • Confronts censorship and First Amendment issues when a Federal Court in America seeks to ban his publications from interstate commerce.  (1954)
  • Challenges the right of a court of law to judge basic scientific research.  (1954)
  • Witnesses the FDA’s burning of his publications at his laboratory in Rangeley, Maine.  (1956)
  • Dies in the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.  (1957)
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Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Our deepest thanks for all of your help.

As this successful campaign for the Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project counts down to its last hours, here are some further opportunities:

  • Mark your calendars!  The 2015 Summer Conference at the Wilhelm Reich Museum at Orgonon (Rangeley, Maine) will be held Monday, July 13th to Friday, July 17th.  Details coming soon from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust and Museum.
  • Wilhelm Reich – Biologist, the upcoming book from Harvard University Press by science historian and professor James Strick, Ph.D., can be ordered now through Amazon.
  • And finally, if you’d like to receive e-mail Updates from the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust & Museum, e-mail us at:  and we’ll add you to our list.

View the Kickstarter video:


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